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Helifishing in the New England Area

Arrive at the airport before daylight, at first light we depart, flying over the stunning Oxley wild rivers National Park, at that time of the day truly spectacularly to experience the Gorges and waterfalls while on pursuit of the Australian Bass. The Australian Bass travel up stream in summer and lack of fishing pressure in the upper reaches of the Macleay River catchment makes for excellent fishing!

Smoko and a picnic lunch is supplied on the full day trips. The best times are from Oct-May. The Full Day trips allow 8-9 hours on the river with 2 landings. The half day trip 4 hours 1 landing.

Fishing is with lures, surface, hard body and soft plastics and all catch and release. (preferably barbless hooks please) Fishing Equipment can be supplied for a charge.


Multi-helicopter Group

If you have a group of more than 3 people Fleet Adventures can arrange for your helifishing adventure to use more that one helicopter. In some cases we can also offer group discounts! 


Helifishing is a great corporate activity giving the participant a great balance between solitude and camaraderie.

Those involved in the hustle and bustle of a busy workplace know just how therapeutic getting away from work can be for building team spirit. Helifishing is a great way to get away ... far away and build that team spirit. 

Contact Fleet adventures for multi-helicopter group discounts.


The Tailored Adventure

At Fleet Adventures we can tailor an adventure according to your desires.

The beauty of a helicopter is that it can go just about anywhere, just about anytime.

If you have a particular adventure in mind give us a ring and discuss your idea. We will do all the work; work through permissions, create flight plans and organise and book the most suitable aircraft. The only thing we can't organise is the weather! 

Tailored adventures can be great for clubs, workplaces and enthusiasts alike, we can even source an experienced fishing coach who can help you target particular species and help you master specialised gear. 

Give us a ring and talk to us about your tailored helifishing experience!

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